Things you must Bring during Camping

The most important things that you must bring during camping in Bryce Canyon are the following: backpack, sleeping bag, lamp, stoves, utensils, canteen, big plastic bag, cleaning materials, clothes, compass, map, etc.


Your backpack must be durable and waterproof. It does not have to be too big as this might be difficult for you to carry. There are so many places to hike in Bryce and having the right backpack that can get you there’s critical. It must only be big enough to carry all the necessary things. If the camping trip may last for longer days, then an extra bag may be advisable. But only of you can no longer fit your stuff in your backpack.

Regarding packing your things in your backpack, there is a very simple way to do this: put first the things that you will not often use like your sleeping bag, extra boots, and trash bag. Those objects that you might use from time to time should be placed last so that they will be above inside your bag. These are your canteen, your first-aid kit, flashlight and other things. For those objects that you will surely reach for like a bottle of water, a compass, a map, ca, gloves, cell phone, it is best if you put them in your pocket or in the outer pockets of your bag.

Reminder: the overall weight of your backpack must not exceed the 20% of your body weight.

Sleeping bag

Along with your backpack, this is an important element in your camping that you should never forget. A sleeping bag has two kinds depending on the weather. On a hot weather, your sleeping bag must be light but durable, if possible it must not have a zipper. For winter, it is advisable to bring a sleep sack. This is perfect during cold season because despite the weather outside, you will still be perfectly warm inside. Camping in Bryce during the winter is a wonderful experience, but only if you have the right sleeping bag.


It is the most practical system of lighting during camping. However, you must keep them away from the tent or your clothes, or any other object that can quickly catch fire.

Stoves and fireplaces

You must only use these for cooking your foods, not for starting a fire. In order to be able to cook in the campsite, bringing a small gas stove is advisable.


This is also an important element. It will be convenient if you will make sure that this will always be full. A good canteen must have a screw cap to avoid the water inside from spilling.


In packing foods, take note of the following:

  • The weight and the amount of foods
  • The preparation of the food.
  • Whether the food will get spoiled quickly.

It is a better alternative to go with canned foods and instant foods such as instant noodles, peanuts, crackers, cheese.

Personal things

For most of your personal stuff, it is better if you will pack them in a separate small bag. Your bag must contain the following for your hygiene: soap, towel, tissue, toothbrush, comb, nail clippers, ointment, toothpaste.

There must be another separate bag for your cleaning materials as it may contain harmful substances. Also, don’t forget to bring a trash bag. Dispose the trash only in a trash bin in the city or somewhere dedicated for trash collecting. Need more help packing your hygiene supplies, we have great tips here.

And that’s it, those are our camping in Bryce Canyon tips that will help you have a great experience when you get here. Don’t forget to add at least a one night stay in a lodge in Bryce and you’ll have the complete experience.

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