Bryce View LodgeActivities

Enhance your stay at Bryce View Lodge by enjoying a variety of outdoor activities, including Guided ATV Tours and Scenic Horseback Rides that follow famous outlaw trails and hideouts throughout the Bryce Canyon area.

On our guided adventures, you will enjoy panoramic landscapes and knowledgeable guides that relate interesting background information about the area’s history, geology, folklore and wildlife. In addition to ATV and horseback adventures, you can also enjoy mountain biking, hiking and a variety of other recreational activities throughout Bryce.

Historic Ruby’s Inn

Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon is a destination in and of itself. In 1916, Reuben C. (Ruby) Syrett brought his family to the wilds of Southern Utah, establishing a ranch near the present site of Ruby’s Inn. A few weeks after his arrival, another nearby rancher told Ruby about the canyon called Bryce. Ruby and his family made a Sunday visit to the canyon rim and were so impressed by what they saw that they became hosts to its visitors.

Ruby’s reputation grew along with the reputation of the National Park, and soon Ruby’s Inn became a large business operation. What started with tent houses and a place to serve meals, paved the way for the modern facilities which today make a stay in the Bryce Canyon area a trip to remember. Ruby’s Inn also offers top of the line horseback rides; learn some tips and tricks to make any horseback experience great.
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