Hygiene Essentials for Your Outdoor Adventures

 Just because you will stay outdoors for a couple of days you already have a good reason to become dirty. More often than not, when one goes for an outdoor adventure such as hiking in Bryce Canyon, he or she comes back a lot dirtier than before you left. Of course it is quite understandable that way. You accumulate dirt along the way. You perspire yet you do not take a bath and if you have the chance, you do not have the necessary items to keep you fresh and clean such as a soap or shampoo. But then, you can minimize your accumulation of dirt. You can do some things to keep your hygiene as effective as possible.

Before you actually go to Bryce Canyon to go hiking, you must prepare your essentials which include some pieces of items you can use for proper hygiene.

Hand Sanitizer

A small bottle of sanitizer is enough to at least keep your hands clean especially in the absence of soap and water. You can use this before you eat or after you have touched or held something dirty. A small bottle could already last for a couple of days.

Biodegradable soap

Unclean dishes or cookware will definitely appeal to many mice and bugs. You will surely do not want that. Though you may wash them with water and wipe with a cloth, sometimes, you prefer to use some biodegradable soap to make them cleaner. You can bring a small squirt bottle and that is already enough to last for a couple of days.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Although toothpaste may be optional if there is scarcity of the precious water, your toothbrush is a must bring item wherever you go. Simple brushing will already do a lot of good to your teeth and to the mouth as well. Besides, its weight is almost negligible and its size is not a problem to squeeze into your other things in your backpack.

Toilet Paper

While you are out to the woods it does not mean you will not “go”. Otherwise, you make yourself at risk of more serious health problems. But “going” is somehow different with how you do it at home. You need to make some preparation before you do it. First thing to do is dig a small hole 6 -8 inches deep. After you have “gone”, you wipe the area with the toilet paper and put the used toilet paper in a re-sealable plastic bag and bury in the hole. Ask your companion to pour an adequate amount of sanitizer in your hand to disinfect before touching anything.

Have enough clean and potable water

Whenever you go for an outdoor adventure, you need to make sure you have more than enough clean and potable water. In the absence of a water filter or UV device or iodine, you can boil the water to make it a lot safer. However, you will need to cool the water down before you put it into your drinking bottle.

Coming to Utah to visit and stay in Bryce Canyon National Park is an experience you won’t soon forget. With tips like these your stay in Bryce won’t be foiled by a bad memory.

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