Why we Climb Mountains Like Bryce Canyon

┬áIt’s tiring, it’s excruciating and most of all, it’s dangerous. So why bother climb a mountain? Those are questions some people ask us when coming to stay in Bryce Canyon.

Why risk the chance of having heat stroke or hypothermia or getting bit by a snake or insects or getting hungry or thirsty just so you can reach the peak of a mountain?

Why do mountain climbers always want to reach the peak of a mountain when others have already done it and we can just easily look at their pictures or listen to their stories? Apart from keeping the body healthy and active, is there more reasonable purpose why people climb mountains?

What you should know is that mountain climbing in a place like Bryce Canyon does not have to make perfect sense. Mountain climbing is very straightforward to be honest: you get to the top to feel a little bit of gratification and then safely come down while reminiscing on that achievement. You feel a sense of freedom when you are relieved from the weariness and sweat you had to endure going up. You feel that no one can stop you from reaching the top.

The feeling while on the peak of the mountain may be different for every climber. Satisfaction is relative. Maybe one wanted to prove something to himself/herself, or maybe another wanted to escape from a stressful life in the office. Regardless of the purpose and how success was perceived, every climber while rappeling down still want more.

I remember when I first climb a mountain. I was 14 years old at that time and I was with my father and my mother. I loved the mountain breeze and how it caressed my cheeks. I also enjoy the smell of the environment, the combination of grass, the trees and the woods were pleasant to my nose.

And now that I am 28, I decided to go back to the same mountain but this time, I went there alone. I felt that I have reconnected to the nature after a long period of time. I felt like as if I am a child again enjoying the nature like I have never seen it before. There’s just something that you cannot explain while mountain climbing that makes you want to continue more until you reach the top.

Maybe it was how my parents oriented me with mountain climbing or maybe it was just my own personal experience that gave me such enthusiasm and passion in mountain climbing, but whatever it is, I will treasure it and will continue to go mountain climbing as much as I can.

So those are out thoughts on why people love to go climbing in Bryce Canyon. So come here, and come here often. And be willing to take in all of the beauty of mountain climbing in Bryce.

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