5 Good Reasons To Trade In Your Car For A Bike

Longer life, improved health, increased energy, less expenses, and more fun. Cycling is officially one of the best ways to become a happier person. And many people come here to go biking in Bryce Canyon, because the scenery is unparalleled. Don’t forget to enter Race or Mountain Bike Competitions in Bryce. Here are 5 good reasons why changing a car for a bike is worth it:

1. It makes you happier

In addition to increased self-esteem and confidence in yourself for getting slimmer and staying in shape, spending more time outdoors practicing on the bike will definitely lift your spirits. Cycling outdoors helps you clear your mind and stay psychologically better. Seeing the red rocks of Bryce and the surrounding area is sure to be a boost.

If you want to overcome the depressing effect of spending 8 hours locked in an office or factory with artificial light, through cycling, you go out and expose yourself to more time under the sunlight. The recommended lighting of an office is about 300 lux. Sunlight, even on a cloudy day, is over 1000 lux. The strength of the total light of a clear day is about 10,000 to 25,000 lux. With the ability of sunlight increasing your serotonin levels, you’ll feel better.

Another important advantage of increased daylight exposures is that you will sleep better. A study in the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that a group of sedentary people with insomnia who practiced riding outdoors for 20-30 minutes every 2 days reduced the time it needed for them to fall asleep by 50%, and increased for nearly 1 hour of nocturnal sleep time.

The outdoor exercise exposes you to daylight. This helps stabilize the biological rhythm of the body and lower the levels of cortisol – a hormone related to stress, which promotes deep sleep that allows the body to regenerate.

2. Increase your life expectancy

Regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Type II Diabetes, any kind of cancer, hypertension, as well as obesity, to name a few.

A study by Dr. Lynn Cherkas of King’s College London conducted an experiment on more than 2,400 identical twins compared with each other. They found out that those who are engaged in cycling for an equivalent of three tours of 45 minutes each week was about 9 years younger biologically compared to others who performed no exercise, even after accounting for other risk factors such as smoking or body mass index (BMI). According to the British Heart Foundation, about 10,000 fatal heart attacks each year could be prevented if people engaged in exercise.

Do aerobic exercise such as cycling in order to accelerate the respiration and heart rate, which will help in stimulating the contraction of different muscles, such as the heart or intestinal muscles.

3. Transport is cheaper

A few times, we have considered what the average cost of owning a car outright is. Below are some accounts related to the matter, not including the cost of gasoline:

  • Car Price:$24,000 US a fund to 5 years at 8% APR
  • Car insurance: About $700 per year
  • Several revisions and repairs: About $400 per year
  • The total annual expenditure of having a car owned in the US is $6,284 during the last 5 years funding, or approximately $17 per day, plus the fuel needed to operate it.
  • Using a bike is the most economical solution since the only expenses you will have is the cost of the bike and the equipment you need (gloves, helmet, backpack, etc.). Whenever possible, the most favorable option is always the bicycle.

4. Lose weight and keep the line

It is known that the body’s metabolic rate (the efficiency with which it burns calories and fat), improves with exercise. Not only can cycling burn calories during exercise and lose fat, but after a journey of 30 minutes by bike, your body continues to burn more calories for several hours.

Becoming more fit gives more profound benefits. Increased cycling performance due to better fitness also means a greater number of calories burned, and reduces body fat more efficiently.

Many people who want to lose weight thinks that jogging is the best way to start doing some exercise. But for people who are a little bigger, running may be counterproductive and risky. Think about this: your weight multiplied 2 to 3 times concentrated through your body on each foot that supports the ground when running. It may be too much force applied on one foot, causing injury and unnecessary pain.

Instead of running, losing weight with the use of a bicycle is the most suitable for people who are extra heavy since most of the weight will be concentrated in the saddle of the bicycle. Muscles, bones and joints do not suffer too much work.

5. You are saving the planet.

A bicycle manufacture uses only 5% of materials and energy used to make a car, in addition to bicycle contamination.

Bicycles are the means of human transport that is more efficient. It travels about 3 times faster than walking with the same amount of energy consumed. Given the fuel that people use, the bike can do an equivalent of 1240 km per gallon of gas, because we need to nourish our bodies on the bike or not. There are compelling reasons that the bicycle is so efficient: we weigh approximately six times more than a bicycle, while a car weighs about 20 times more than us.

Riding a bike helps reduce CO2 emissions, reducing pollution and also reducing our excessive dependence on oil. It is healthy, fun, makes us lose weight, and lengthen our lifespan.

Need more reasons to take the bike? So come to Bryce Canyon and bring your bike. Biking in Bryce Canyon will be a thrill you won’t soon forget.

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